Kennel Malinuts

I´m Mia Kujanpää, living in my home farm in Lieto, Finland. For my living, I take care of animals (big and small) and work as a usability tech. As secondary activity, I study my BBA. I have also worked as a handler of guard dogs and waiting for the approval of Animal welfare inspector of Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations in my area.

I am hooked on dog sports from the bottom of my heart. There´s been dogs in our house as long as the family history is known (late 1500´s), mainly used for hunting and herding. My first own dog, mixed-breed male Jesse, was born in 1991 and his house watching-job ended at age of 17, for my parents great sorrow. First Belgian Shepherd in our house was owned by my aunt, tervueren male "Hiski" (Obricon Iki Noel), with whom I started obedience training and SAR in 1994. Malinois Nallehukan Oona came into the house in 1996 and since then the conversion or exchange of the breed/variation has not even been considered.

At the moment, there are three malinois in our house, living in harmony with three Burmese cats, blue neutered male Arbiter Constantine, "Karma", sable male Ninelli´s Yin Yang "Kolli" and chocolate tortie female Bishamon Iia Illuusia "Kiukku". Kiukku and Kolli are both used for breeding by FI*Bishamon.

At the moment, protectionwork (IPO and MondioRing) are nearest to my heart but I have tested my dogs also in exhibitions, KNPV, SAR, Scandinavian tracking, agility and obedience. Everything goes, as long both dog and the handler have fun. That is why I want a dog that works in everything you could possibly decide to try and still enjoys it.

I´m qualified instructor for Finnish Working Dog Association, member of breeding committee of Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Finland, an active member of SRY Turku, and also a member of the FWA, FKC and FRC. All of our dogs live as family members- sleeping inside at night and running in the garden with in from 6 AM to 09 PM. You are welcomed to visit them, as long as you contact us in advance for scheduling. Kennel Malinuts was established in 1999, by the first litter born and the kennelname granted by FCI. My breeding is very small, with the aim of the breed standard, healthy, versatile working dog. This website is dedicated to the eternal and dearest friends of mine, Oona and Manne.

For the love to dogsports ,

Mia & Malinuts